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Choosing to have your furniture reupholstered, as opposed to buying new, is an extremeley economical way of having a beautiful new suite. 

Recycling has become an intricate and important part of our environment today. If you are thinking of purchasing new furniture, why not recycle your old sofa by having it re-upholstered and remodelled; transforming it in to something special and unique.

Contrary to popular belief, reupholstery does not mean just replacing the fabric. The furniture will be stripped back to its frame and rebuilt with new materials to guarantee long lasting comfort and functionality.

  • Our aim is to bring the piece of furniture you love back to, or better than, its original condition.
  • The furniture is stripped down to the framework and the rails and joints are checked for any defaults. Frame repairs will be carried out where necessary.
  • Old foams and stuffings are replaced and new webbing is supplied where necessary
  • See pictures of the various stages of re-upholstery on our Gallery page.


REMODELLING can be carried out at the same time, meaning that alterations to the style of your furniture can be carried out through a series of consultations to give that old piece a new lease of life and a new up-to-date appearance. Alterations may include cushion styles and fillings, reshaping of arms, adding or removing valances etc. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities for any item of furniture.


FABRICS - A large number of sample books are available from which to make a choice, or customers may specify a particular fabric they have seen.   We will also accommodate any customers who wish to supply their own fabrics, guiding them with our professional advice and knowledge.


ADD A FOOTSTOOL - Why not add a new footstool in matching fabric. We can offer various sizes and styles to match or contrast with your existing suite.


ADD SCATTER CUSHIONS - If you require matching scatter cushions, we will be happy to supply these either in matching or constrasting fabric as required.